Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shadow Dancers

The shadows do not haunt me
as they do the hearts of man
for I know they are only shadows
No need to take a stand
I let them paint my walls
dance upon my ceiling high
I laugh as they try to manipulate
what I see with my own eye
And if they get to close
off I go with the light
sitting in the darkness
with my eyes closed oh so tight


The Passing of Time

I dance among my memories
soft shadows of the past
Thinking of my yesterdays
the moments they change so fast

I sing among my shimmering dreams
with brightness all around
My little piece of happiness
that in life can not be found

I cry upon my withered soul
remembering it untarnished glow
I wipe my tears upon my heart
once as soft as silk
Now only a tathered cloth
so many times it has been pulled on
fragile now as it falls apart.....